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Photo Based Art


Pop up gallery show

Posted on September 14, 2015 at 4:15 PM

Since July 25 and continuing to the end of September, 2015, I have been showing at the new pop up, artist run,  Galérie Côté, at 98 Richmond Rod, just west of Island Park Drive.

It is in a large condo complex, and we have been able to take advantage of the loaned space, owned by Asgcroft Homes for that short space of time. The ceilings are very high and lots of light in the large space. Ideal for art display.

The artist who started it is Yan-Éric Côté, an artist from Mont Tremblant in Quebec. He chose 4 local artists to run it for him (2 beginners and 2 experienced (myself and Judith Rostenne, with who I had shown at the Atrium Gallery in the spring.)

My wall is 28 ft wide ,giving me lots of useable space. I have shown 2 different collections of photo based digital art.

We had to gallery sit 24 hours a month. The time went surprisingly quickly, as it was enjoyable to chat with people who dropped in.

As of October 1 the gallery has been closed. Now needed the real estate company that loaned us the space.

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